Apr 08, 2019

3 Ways to Use Our Heavy Lift Helicopter Crane Services

3 Ways to Use Our Heavy Lift Helicopter Crane Services

When it comes to lifting heavy objects, traditional ground cranes will only get you so far. Between setting them up and repositioning them as work progresses, these large, cumbersome machines can easily eat up the better part of your day, leaving you with precious little time to accomplish any work.

That’s just part of why so many of our customers love our helicopter lift services. An aerial crane requires essentially no setup and can accomplish far more in a day than traditional heavy machinery, helping to keep you on schedule and under budget.

Want to know how our choppers can help on your next project? Here are some popular uses for our helicopter lifting services.

1. Lift rooftop HVAC systems

One of the most in-demand uses for our aerial crane helicopters is lifting massive HVAC systems onto the roofs of businesses all over the southeastern U.S.

That’s because unlike a ground crane, a crane helicopter requires essentially no space to maneuver. It’s also more cost-effective because you don’t need to worry about trucking it in and out of your construction area.

If that’s not reason enough to take your lifting needs airborne, consider this: An HVAC helicopter lift allows you to install units more quickly and with an extremely high level of precision — an important factor when placing thousands of pounds of metal on top of a building.

2. Set utility poles

Utility construction is another popular use for our helicopter cranes. Our helicopter construction services allow you to power through your build much more quickly and with far less hassle and red tape.

One of our clients learned this firsthand when they set 41 utility towers in 5 hours with our aerial crane service — a job that would take nearly 3 weeks using a ground crane. And because the lift was in the air, they didn’t need to worry about setting up traffic control while they worked along a busy freeway.

That was good news not just for our client, but also for the thousands of travelers who passed through the area during this construction project. Our powerful Kaman K-Max K-1200 helicopter and one of our expert pilots helped this client avoid unnecessary traffic jams and travel delays in the area.

The video below gives an inside look into how helicopter utility construction can help projects like these move faster:

3. Transport large construction materials

Utilities aren’t the only popular use for our construction helicopters — they’re also in high demand for transporting large, unwieldy construction materials.

Helicopter lifting companies like ours are especially handy for construction projects in remote areas or with rough terrain that would make it difficult to truck in heavy equipment.

And if you’re working with a smaller area, helicopter cranes eliminate the need to maneuver a big-rig in and out each time you need to move something.

And with lift capabilities of up to 10,000 pounds, our fleet of 24 different helicopters has the power to move just about any construction materials you could think of, like the giant pipes we transported in this video:

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