Jan 17, 2023

Why You Should Use A Helicopter For Construction Hazard Assessment

Why You Should Use A Helicopter For Construction Hazard Assessment

Construction hazard assessments using helicopter aerial surveying or aerial mapping are regularly used for construction projects to pinpoint any ground issues accurately. Various surveying methods may be employed to gather data for a location risk assessment. Ultimately you will need an aerial view for the most detailed and accurate analysis.

From financial, environmental, and safety risks to contract, document, and legal hazards - those involved in the construction industry must always be mindful of the vast array of potential perils that come with a building project. Construction Managers and general contractors should remain vigilant in guarding against these dangers for an effective outcome.

The risk of not being able to spot every possible hazard or peril can be intimidating. Yet, there are measures that you can take to map out potential risks across your projects. Using a helicopter to identify potential hazards on a construction site better equips you to safeguard productivity and profitability.

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How Does A Helicopter Help Me Conduct A Construction Hazard Assessment?

Construction surveys play a crucial role for any building or construction company.

Sometimes, when contractors need to map where their worksite, they employ helicopters to conduct aerial survey services over the site.

Using thermal cameras and cutting-edge graphing software, surveying land before beginning construction is now simpler than ever. You can use these surveys to observe your progress or map the area accurately.

By taking to the sky for aerial surveys, we can obtain a complete overview of an area, allowing us to easily employ construction staking and digital mapping. This method offers advanced visualization capabilities while creating more efficient designs than ever before - surpassing traditional ground surveying techniques in accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

By harnessing the power of aerial mapping and helicopter viewability, companies, builders - even individuals like you - can reap the rewards that construction surveys offer.

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Save Money With A Helicopter Hazard Assessment

Compared to other aircraft, aerial hazard assessments by helicopter is an economical solution. Compared to traditional surveying, aerial surveying has low overhead and drastically decreased expenses.

Not only is aerial helicopter surveying much quicker than ground surveying, but it's also just as reliable. It's no wonder industry leaders use helicopters for hazard assessments and to keep their projects moving forward.

Meet Your Deadlines

The unparalleled maneuverability of helicopters enables you to survey vast expanses of land within mere hours. By capitalizing on the sheer speed of helicopters, surveyors can devise efficient flight paths and obtain timely results.

The speed helps contractors work on tight timelines by cutting the time from initial planning to final data processing. Saving time is especially beneficial for industries that handle projects with sensitive deadlines.

Get An Accurate Hazard Assessment

Since cameras have seen tremendous development in the past few decades, helicopters can easily capture stunning 4K resolution images and videos. Aerial assessments guarantee precise and accurate media capture by boasting an improved pixel density.

Advanced stabilization techniques ensure ultra-high-definition images in even the most trying conditions, such as inclement weather.

Helicopters are a highly coveted choice for customers because of their impressive accuracy and unparalleled airborne vantage point. This combination offers an extraordinary advantage over other means of transport.

Uncover Hidden Hazards

Though ground assessments are beneficial, they do come with their own set of limitations. Areas that need timely surveys or regions that cannot be assessed represent two drawbacks.

Accessing remote or difficult-to-reach construction locations has always been challenging, but helicopter assessments rise to the challenge.

Incredibly, helicopters can navigate complicated flight paths and soar between tall buildings - even in gusty winds. Experienced pilots can accomplish any mission with outstanding results. From towers to roofs and wind turbines, helicopters make the seemingly impossible hazard assessments possible.

Helicopters are equipped with advanced optics and remote access, enabling them to inspect construction projects and provide the data you need.

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Why Use A Helicopter For A Hazard Construction Assessment?

The latest helicopter technology makes it possible to obtain ultra-clear video and digital images, infrared data, corona discharge readings, and LiDAR scanning - all in one flight. By combining imagery with geographic coordinates, you can gain valuable insight into the condition of your infrastructure assets and make better decisions.

Helicopter contractors can leverage a suite of geospatial analysis methods to process and interpret the data, creating maps, 3D imagery, and fly-throughs for your ultimate benefit. With surface assessment, network examination, and visualization modeling all part of their repertoire, you will surely get exceptional results.

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