Dec 13, 2022

How Helicopters Help Offshore Wind Farm Operations

How Helicopters Help Offshore Wind Farm Operations

The growth of offshore wind farms in recent years has been remarkable. As countries worldwide strive to meet their renewable energy targets, wind energy has become a significant part of the energy mix. But wind farms have their own set of challenges. One of the most important is ensuring that wind farm operations are safely and reliably managed, monitored, and maintained.

Offshore wind farms are located miles away from the mainland. They can be challenging to access due to their remote location. That's why helicopters have become an essential part of wind farm operations. Helicopters provide wind farm operators with a convenient, reliable, and cost-effective way to transport personnel, supplies, and equipment offshore.

As offshore wind farms rapidly expand, helicopter services become increasingly vital for crew and equipment transport to turbine maintenance tasks.

Helicopter wind farm support

Helicopters help an offshore wind farm save money

Helicopter services reduce travel costs associated with offshore maintenance. Personnel and equipment can be quickly transferred to wind turbines for installation and servicing, saving time and money compared to traditional vessels.

Helicopter services mean that personnel can reach their destination faster, reducing the time spent traveling, which helps minimize operational costs. Additionally, helicopter services are more agile and flexible than traditional vessels, allowing personnel to access turbines at different locations in a single trip easily.

Helicopters are also well-suited for safely transporting personnel and cargo from a helicopter landing site onshore to a wind farm. Even personnel and cargo too large for helicopter transportation can be transported in multiple trips, reducing the time needed to reach an offshore wind farm.

Helicopter wind farm support

Helicopters help an offshore wind farm with evacuation

Helicopters are the fastest and most reliable way to evacuate personnel from wind farms in the case of an emergency. Helicopters can quickly reach the site of an emergency, helping to ensure that personnel is safe and secure promptly. Furthermore, helicopter services can reach remote locations inaccessible to traditional vessels.

Helicopters can provide an additional layer of safety to an offshore wind farm.

Save Time When Minutes Matter

Helicopter services can help to transport personnel and equipment to offshore wind farms in the event of an injury. This reduces the time it takes for an injured person to get to a trauma center.

Helicopters can make multiple trips if necessary, ensuring that people can reach their destination quickly and safely.

Helicopter wind farm support

Wind Farm Turbine Inspections Made Easier

They can quickly observe and inspect turbines, monitoring for potential safety hazards or any other issues that may arise. Helicopters allow wind farm operators to inspect wind turbines from a much greater distance, allowing for a more detailed and accurate assessment of wind turbines.

If a potential hazard is spotted, helicopter personnel can quickly alert ground personnel to address the issue on time.

Helicopters make wind farm maintenance easier

Helicopter services make wind farm maintenance much easier and more efficient. They can quickly transport personnel and equipment to turbines located at various distances, allowing maintenance and repairs to be done in a timely manner.

Additionally, helicopter services reduce the time and cost associated with maintaining turbines. Helicopter personnel can quickly identify maintenance issues and rapidly transport personnel or equipment to the necessary locations.

Helicopter wind farm support

Helicopters can operate in weather conditions that boats can't

Offshore helicopter services can operate in high winds and waves, allowing them access to turbines even when traditional vessels cannot. This ensures that personnel and equipment can still be transported offshore in a safe manner, even in inclement weather conditions.

Helicopter services also offer higher levels of safety for personnel and cargo during transport, as helicopter pilots are highly experienced and trained to fly in challenging weather conditions.

Helicopters reduce CO2 emissions

Helicopter services help to reduce CO2 emissions compared to traditional vessels. Helicopters are more fuel-efficient, requiring less energy and fewer resources to transport personnel and cargo.

Using helicopters for wind farm operations can help reduce the environmental impact associated with offshore wind farms and contribute to more sustainable energy production.

Key Takeaways

Offshore wind farms are becoming increasingly popular as they move deeper into the ocean to find harsher marine environments. The Helicopter Expres team has experience flying in some of the world's most challenging conditions, which makes us an ideal partner for developing and maintaining a wind farm.

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Project feasibility studies


Maintenance and service during operations

Emergency evacuations

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