Feb 21, 2017

Reinventing a Hero: HX Converts Our Bell 407 to 407HP

Reinventing a Hero: HX Converts Our Bell 407 to 407HP

The Bell 407 helicopter has been a faithful workhorse for Helicopter Express for decades. It has been a hero among our fleet, but even the most iconic trailblazer needs a reinvention over time. HX is constantly looking for ways to improve our capabilities, especially regarding advancing our abilities to accomplish the most challenging firefighting missions and dramatically increasing our payloads. That’s why we were prepared to be a leader in converting the legacy engine on our Bell 407’s airframe into the all new Eagle 407HP.

With the expertise of Eagle Copters Ltd., a family-owned, international company based at the Calgary International Airport in Canada, the conversion to the Eagle 407HP was a huge success. Powered by the Honeywell HTS900 engine, this particular conversion was extremely streamlined. The HTS900 engine offers dramatically improved performance, giving us a faster, more powerful and more fuel-efficient helicopter that is ideal for firefighting and other demanding missions like utility services, forest management, and emergency medical services.

The new technologies in the 407HP include a dual-centrifugal compressor, cooled single-crystal turbine blades, effusion cooled combustor liner and a dual-channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control. The engine generates more than 1,000 shaft horsepower and delivers the lowest fuel consumption and highest power-to- weight ratio of any engine in its class.

HX will be one of the first companies in the USA to use the newly converted Eagle 407HP on a United States Forest Services contract. We received the delivery of our Eagle 407HP in early November and are already using it for critical missions.

For more information, read Helihub’s article: Helicopter Express Updates Bell 407 to Eagle 407HP Standard

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