Utility Patrol


The Airbus EC-155 is a long-range medium-lift passenger transport helicopter. It is a twin-engined aircraft and can carry up to 13 passengers along with 1 or 2 crew. This luxury helicopter is perfectly marketed for passenger transport but is also equipped to perform a variety of missions.

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AS350 B3 outclasses all other single engine helicopters for performance, versatility, and safety. It is a light helicopter that can transport up to 5 passengers, which makes it a versatile choice for most missions and charter trips. The AS350 B3 can fly as far as 346 nautical miles on a tank of fuel, a range that’s 8 mi farther than other similarly sized rotorcraft.

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Bell 205A-1

The Bell 205A-1 ++ is a single engine, two-blade, medium aircraft with a max takeoff weight of 10,000 lbs. This helicopter has consistently proven its capabilities supporting missions in areas of high altitude, high temperature, and turbulent mountain environments. It’s the perfect choice for heavy lifting, firefighting and disaster relief.

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