Mar 24, 2023

Safety First: How Heavy Lift Helicopters Ensure Accident-Free Construction Projects

Safety First: How Heavy Lift Helicopters Ensure Accident-Free Construction Projects

Using helicopters to transport materials and equipment is fast and safe, especially for hard-to-access locations. For larger construction projects, helicopter lifting is often more efficient than crane access through the roof as it skips all the extra structural work that would disrupt daily operations.

On-site, the accuracy of heavy lift helicopters increases safety during external load operations and reduces the risk of damage to adjacent properties and personnel. The contractor is then spared from costly legal fees, repair costs, and project delays - a win regarding cost savings and avoiding hassles!

Helicopters are an increasingly popular tool for construction sites due to the safety and efficiency they can offer. Having a safe construction site not only helps prevent accidents but also saves money in the long run, as fewer resources need to be spent on medical bills or repairs from incidents that may occur in a less-than-safe work environment.

Helicopter performing heavy lift construction operations

Pilots Have To Be Exceptional

Pilot training is essential when flying a helicopter on a construction site. Pilots must be trained in air safety and knowledgeable about the local airspace regulations, as even minor errors can have catastrophic consequences. Pilots must also receive extensive ground-based preparation, including understanding how to handle loads during flight, familiarizing themselves with the construction site, and understanding the relevant procedures for the mission.

With unparalleled experience, our Chief Pilot at Helicopter Express has accumulated 7500 accident-free flight hours in a wide range of environments. This expertise enables him to lead our pilots and personnel with the utmost efficiency so that we may provide the exemplary service that our customers deserve.

Aerial survey

Aerial Surveys Enhance Worksite Safety

Using helicopters to conduct surveys on construction sites is an excellent way of enhancing overall safety. The aerial perspective that comes with using helicopters allows surveyors to pinpoint hazardous areas, such as unstable terrain or obstacles in the workspace. Highlighting these hazards can allow workers and management to adjust accordingly to create a safer work environment.

Aerial surveys can help identify erosion, road deterioration, and the health of vegetation on a construction site. This information can inform decisions such as ensuring safe routes for workers and equipment, planning evacuation routes in an emergency, and identifying potential hazards before they become serious.

Using helicopters on construction sites can help ensure the safety of workers and materials' safety and save money by eliminating the need for costly repairs or medical bills. Surveys conducted with helicopters also allow surveyors to pinpoint areas that might pose a potential risk, further enhancing safety on construction sites.

Helicopter lifiting construction

Helicopters Outperform Cranes In Safety

Helicopters are also great for lifting and moving materials around the construction site, increasing efficiency and eliminating any potential risks from manual handling. Using helicopters helps ensure no accidents occur during heavy lift operations.

Cranes are bulky and require much more space to maneuver. They must also be positioned on stable ground, as any shaking or vibrations caused by the crane can put workers at risk. Helicopters have a far smaller presence on a construction site and are unaffected by palpitations or terrain irregularities like cranes.

While both are safe methods of lifting and moving materials, cranes have a higher rate of accidents due to their size and complexity. Cranes require more space to maneuver, meaning there is more room for error regarding stability. Additionally, the operation of a crane requires multiple people working together, increasing the risk of injury or accidents.

By trading in a ground crane for an aerial one, you can decrease your workload regarding pre-project groundwork and the need for roads, motor vehicles, clearing, and grading. In addition to this benefit is that an aerial crane eliminates traffic and congestion on the ground, which could pose stressors on construction crews who are transporting or positioning a traditional crane. Aerial cranes remain unaffected by these issues, making them ideal solutions when completing tasks quickly and efficiently.

With its ability to traverse virtually any terrain, a helicopter is an invaluable tool for accessing hard-to-reach areas. From bustling cityscapes with limited access points to off-the-grid locales, helicopters can strive in it all - even performing essential construction duties atop soaring skyscrapers or throughout challenging mountainous environments.

Using helicopters is a great way to increase construction site safety and efficiency. By conducting surveys, workers can be better informed about potential risks. Companies can save time and money by using helicopters to lift and transport materials. Overall, helicopters are an excellent choice for construction sites and provide an invaluable tool for helping to ensure safety.

Helictoper pilot flying to construction site

How We Can Help You

When you opt to work with a helicopter chartering company, it's not only reserving the aircraft that comes into play. You'll also have access to a crew dedicated to making your venture safe and on time. At our first meeting, we will note any potential obstacles or expectations associated with your project before helping you select the most suitable type of helicopter for your needs - this way, each step taken is done efficiently!

When you team up with Helicopter Express, our project managers and on-site logistics coordinators will collaborate closely with your team to map out the entire process. This includes setting up and tearing down rigs and managing external load transportation so that everything runs safely and smoothly through the job's completion.

Our professional helicopter pilots are highly proficient in a variety of different atmospheres and conditions, especially when it comes to construction. They have practiced extensively on the most exacting cargo transport and heavy-lift operations, ensuring quality results every time they take off.

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